Blogging the MVP Summit


I am having a blast at the MVP Summit in Redmond this week and have seen some really cool stuff.  The very best part of the Summit for me is finally getting a chance to meet so many people I have been talking to online and via email for so long, in some cases for years.  Here’s a brief roll call of the folks I’ve met this trip:

Tablet PC MVPs:

  • Dennis Rice
  • Spencer Goad
  • Linda Epstein
  • Terri Stratton
  • Trevor Claiborne
  • First Family of the Tablet PC- Lora & Loren Heiny
  • Chris Hassler
  • Reed Rinn
  • Fritz Switzer (OK, I met him in Miami earlier this year)
  • WNewquay
  • Dr. Neil Roodyn

I’m sure I’ve missed some so don’t be upset- I’ve met so many people the past few days I can’t remember everyone.

Mobile Devices MVPs:

  • Mauricio Freitas
  • Ed Hansberry
  • Janak Parekh
  • Don Sorcinelli
  • Steven Hughes
  • Eric Hicks
  • Chris de Hererra
  • Dwayne Lamb
  • Dave Shier

I have also met many other folks from other technical competencies but my brain is too fried to recall them.  I can state with confidence that in every case each person I’ve met is either younger/ older and taller/ shorter than I pictured.  Two people have told me that I’m taller than they thought I’d be, and two other people have approached me while I was talking to someone else and introduced themselves.  They recognized my voice from the podcasts.  Cool.

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