Blacker Than Black

Since the release of the black iPod nano, there has been much talk among mac zealots about the fact that Apple chose not to include black headphones with the device. People have taken such drastic steps as to spray paint regular iPod headphones black.

To me, all of this talk seems a bit crazy. I’m sure you all remember the days when people were complaining that other companies did not make white headphones, but simply traditional black versions.

If people are so intent on having headphones that match their iPods, I suggest they go out and buy one of the many, many quality ‘phones that are on the market.

Additionally, the white headphones have consistently been the mark of the iPod. They have become much more than branding, and verge on the status of fashion symbol. The largest reason people wanted other manufacturers to make white ‘phones is so they could use higher quality earphones, but continue to project the iPod look. Ironically, these are the same people who are now whining for apple to make black versions of the stock headphones.

Me? Give me my Ultimate Ear Super.Fi’s any day of the week.


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