Blogging from the MVP Summit


Met up with a group of Mobile Devices MVPs at a Starbucks this morning.  It was great finally meeting Steven Hughes, Don Sorcinelli and Jack Cook in person.  They are much uglier in person than I thought they’d be.    Seriously, these are all great guys and we had a good but brief chat.  Steven let me play with his OQO, it’s very tiny but cool, especially since he’s installed the Tablet OS on it.  I did find the screen was too ” squishy” for my tastes, but it’s a nice little device.  He also let me play with his Creative Zen Personal Media Player which is very nice.  Video quality was very good and the interface is the best I’ve seen on a video player.  He showed me some other stuff I can’t remember- he’s like a magician as he just keeps pulling cool device one after another from his bottomless bag.  More later.


Steven Hughes


It was great to finally meet you in person too! Yeah my looks can leave some people heading to the hills. :) I actually thought you were an inch or two taller due to your deep baritone voice.

I agree, the OQO could use a layer of glass or plastic to reduce the “LCD squish”.

I think the only other gadgets I had with me at the time since I was travelling light was my Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet PC, Pentax Optio Camera, Bluetake Blueooth Stereo Headphones and Tekkeon myPower All, which just dropped in price and is available for $120. :)

After you left we had bunch of people come up to the table and felt like we were doing an impromptu presentation on mobile gadgets with everyone pulling out some of the newer tech and some got to see alot of hardware from the folks in Europe that have yet to grace the shores of the US. :)

I grabbed a quick pic and will send it to ya soon.

Again it was great seeing you in person and hope we can do it again soon. :)


“I did find the screen was too ” squishy” for my tastes, but it’s a nice little device.”

Word. The 800×480 resolution is the only reason I don’t own an OQO.. if version 2 bumps it up to 800×600, I’ll get one. Til then, the Sony U is good enough.


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