Windows XP Pocket Computer


OQO announces Windows XP pocket computer, the Model 01+.  Sporting a 1GHz Transmeta Crusoe it measures in at 4.9” x 3.4” x 0.9” and weighs in slightly under a pound (14oz).  The Model 01+ has built in WiFi, Bluetooth, USB2.0 and FireWire, everything you’d expect from a modern form factor.  OQO even provides a docking station for use as a typical workstation (it even boasts 1280×1024 output from the dock).

OQO Model 01+



Even if the 01 is going for $1k-$1200 on ebay?

That’s only a few hundred more for a full OS. You can load full Linux on it later.

The double capacity battery is due out in December–4-6hrs of battery.

Mike Cane

It needs TabPC. It cries out for TabPC.

Still, very nice upgrade.

But my heart now belongs to the Nokia 770…


It’s got a Wacom touchscreen, just like your Tablet Kevin.

We’ll see if OQO has overcome their previous quality issues with the 01+.

Frankly, the Transmeta processor is still the biggest weakness, but the 01+ made some great upgrades to obvious weaknesses.

I’m a convert from the Sony U now and love my OQO 01 (after 5 RMAs).


Now that MS has opened the doors for the Tablet OS on touch screens, I’d like to see the OQO try it out.


Awww I was hoping for the OQO 2 soon with some major changes. Still, with most the bugs worked out of the first, and more ram and hard drive space, this could definitely be a hot item.

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