When Online Subscriptions Turn Into The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


I had a run in with the Media Post log-in process this morning and ended up registering again. I signed up so quickly I didn’t pay attention to what came with it beyond access to the story I wanted to reach. Looking through my email now I see a confirmation notice that explains that in addition to access to various online features and free productivity tools, I signed up for two daily newsletters, weekly emails and, through another message and a duplicate of that message, that I have a one-year online subscription to MEDIA magazine Magazine. I can subscribe to the “Traditional” edition at half price.
I registered at 1:30 p.m. eastern. In the last five hours I’ve received four editorial emails from MediaPost, giving new meaning to information overload. I value MediaPost and I’m impressed by the various ways they’ve found to distribute editorial but a few more days of this and I’ll be cringing whenever I see a new email.
MediaPost was pretty clear about this upfront so I’m not trying to pick on them but I realize now that I’m used to having another step in the registration process that allows me to opt in for each specific email product. (That’s not always the case; some sites try to push certain products down your throat.) That way I can manage my own information flow. Even better, instead of making me choose given my broad interests, provide an RSS feed that alerts me to new posts on the site and let me pick which ones need my attention while decluttering the in box. I realize other people might like the one-stop subscription process although they, too , might appreciate a better sense of how many emails to expect.

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