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Study: Internet Music Favored By Youth Over Radio Nearly 2-1

Not that I’m a cynic but I am mindful that the research showing 47 percent of U.S. 13-24 year olds prefer getting their music over the Internet compared to 27 percent over the radio emerges from Yahoo and OMD Worlwide. Titled “Truly, Madly, Deeply Engaged: Global Youth, Media and Technology,” the study released today portrays music as the common demoninator that provides community, self-expression and personalization. Also:

— The numbers preferring the internet to radio for music are higher, sometimes 3-1.

— They’re not using the internet to the exclusion of other media. Magazines are the first choice when it comes to fashion and trends.

— They multitask even more online then while watch TV — four concurrent tasks compared to three. Youth in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia are the busiest multitaskers. This is also refered to as “media meshing.”

— “As advertising channels become more personal, receptivity to seeing or hearing advertising through that channel decreases.” The study breaks it into receptivity to advertising via “their” media (established media), “our” media (the Web), “my” medium (personal devices). The level of acceptance varies by country. For instance, in the U,S. 60 percent said ads on TV are ok and 65 percent don’t blink at magazine ads compared to 36 percent who are ok with online ads and 9 percent who will tolerate mobile ads. But in India, 63 percent agree web site ads are ok while only half find it acceptable outdoor, in movie theaters or on radio.
OMD’s Mike Hess, director of global research and communication insights, told MediaPost those numbers actually represent opportunity. “We know these are new forms of media that consumers consider their own and completely customizable, but I’m sure more testing and understanding will resolve this misunderstanding.”

The quantitative online survey, conducted by Ipsos in July and August, included a total of 5,334 respondents ages 13-24. Press release.