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Is Sprint-Nextel Going With MediaFlo?

This will be huge if it turns out to be true…according to analysts, there are indications from Sprint-Nextel might be using Qualcomm’ MediaFlo mobile TV technology to launch a service, writes Om. According to Deutsche Bank analysts: “Our channel checks indicate that Qualcomm’s MediaFLO is the strongest technology contender on the list, and Sprint/Nextel in conjunction with Qualcomm could layout a FLO demo network as early as mid-January 2006. Our channel checks indicate that MediaFLO could be commercially available in mid- 2006, with volume shipments of FLO handsets as early as August – October of 2006.”
Well, QCOM has said October 2006 as the launch date..I personally don’t believe it. The only deal that might be launched by then is possibly a China operator deal which the company has been known to be working on.
The move with “Sextel”, if it happens, will definitely mean that phones are ringing in Nokia’s offices right now for the competing DVB-H service. Operators like Cingular and Verizon, and even MVNOs like SK-Earthlink might look into it. I would be surprised if anyone in U.S. uses DMB technology.
Anyway, more to come as I dig more into it…