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Treo 650, 700, Flickr Fun

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As you may have heard, it would appear the Treo 700 is going to be announced tomorrow Monday September 26th, 2005. will be covering the event live.

Rumors are claiming they’re going with Windows. R.I.P., PalmOS?

That isn’t stopping me from having more fun with the Treo 650.


A while back, I’d briefly praised

In your Flickr account, if you haven’t already, be sure to find your way to “Upload” — “Upload Tools” — “Upload by e-mail“. Add the e-mail address they give you to your Palm Address Book.

In the Treo 650, snap a bunch of pictures through the camera function. Back in the media tool, open-up an Album, in my case, it’s currently always the default one named “Unfiled”. Click the Menu button, choose the Album menu, and pick “Send Album…“. Pick your e-mail application, in my case, it’s EarthLink’s “MailBox” application. It will create a new message with all the pictures attached. In the To: field, enter your Flickr upload-by-email address. The value of the Subject: field will be a title assigned to each attached picture once part of the Flickr system.

Once all pictures have been uploaded, I typically delete everything. Keeps the Treo clean. This model gives me virtually unlimited photo storage, easier management and sharing. I can snap as many pictures as memory will allow, and simply send them over to Flickr in one shot. Over 3G, it’s pretty fast, it sure beats the speeds I was getting in t610/GPRS-land. I’ve successfully uploaded around 10 pictures in a single batch.