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Motorola Q ready for the Holidays

Shortly after the announcement, maybe verification is more appropriate, of the Treo 700w Motorola announced that it’s Q Smartphone will be ready by Christmas instead of Q1 2006. Both phones are Windows Mobile 5 devices with moderate displays (the Q is 320×240, the 700w is so far unconfirmed at 320×320), bluetooth and 1 megapixel cameras.  Early on, with the 700w supporting WiFi via SD, this certainly looks like a connected just about everywhere device that could earn its place as the one gadget I never leave without.

Not with Verizon?  Sprint released the PPC-6700, another Windows Mobile 5, EV-DO, WiFi, Bluetooth phone with sliding Qwerty keyboard (from behind the 320×240 display).

[Via Smartphone Thoughts]

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