Moto should learn from Nano


Motorola CEO Ed Zander was fairly dismissive of iPod Nano. His comments got widespread play, and well he has been doing some damage control since then. However, I think there is something Moto should learn from Apple: if you are a one product company – black and pink RAZRs don’t count – then you have to make the product’s unique selling point, better. Apple made iPod, smaller and lighter and you know cooler. RAZR’s next version aka V3 looks like it need to go on a rapid Atkins Diet! And how about getting that ugly UI out of the phones, and replacing it with something, I don’t know – useable!


Mohamed Marwen Meddah

I totally agree about the UI. I hate Motorola phones because of their UI, it totally sucks!
No matter how cool some models may look, just the thought that I’ll have to face that ugly and unusable UI, always turned me off Moto phones.

Jesse Kopelman

Nokia’s UI has always been head and shoulders above Motorola. Has it gone South in the past year? I’ve seen nothing to make me think Motorola has improved in that span.


The RAZR is wide, but THIN! This embodies a large LCD sceen. As a user of Nokia, NEC and Motorola, the UI is fine.


Moto does seem to get stuck on admiring their work. My black StarTac was slick during its day, but then its day kept going, and going, and going. A long while till they really worked to update/replace it if I recall correctly. They definitely need to remember to look away from the mirror.

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