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@ MES: Thomas Hesse, Head of Digital Music, Sony BMG

A chat with Thomas Hesse, on the mobile music market. Some of his points:
Cellphone will become the primary music device in the next two years…Apple will have to get connected one way or the other. You have to look outside U.S. to see that phone has become the center of the music universe…so it will come.
The future is in dual delivery….whatever you buy on the phone doesn’t have to get lost. Piracy will not be a big concern on the phone.
We think there will be a good balance between download to own and subscription market.
What we’re seeing: Bow Wow, our artists, sold a million ringtones before the song hit the stores. Hip-hop work well that way….create a lot of buzz and promotion, though we do consider it as an independent sales channel.
Music videos: Potential is enormous….all the 3G services are investing in it. Music videos are perfect filler for mobile…
DRM and interoperability: I’ll be very happy to license our music to any service…
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