In Mobile China is #1

San Francisco is playing host to the CTIA trade show, an annual event that celebrates the wireless industry in the US. Ironically, in the week when mobile world’s high-and-mighty do a show-and-tell, Computer Industry Almanac projects that China will be the #1 mobile country on the planet – with 398 million subscribers by end of this year. That’s nearly twice as many as 202 million subscribers in the US. Russia will come in at #3 with 115 million, while Japan is #4 with 95 million. Brazil rounds out the top five, while India will end the year in #6 spot with 79 million connections. At the end of the year the total # of cellular subscribers will be a whopping 2.07 billion, and will grow to 3.2 billion by 2010, at which time, India is going to be in the #2 spot.


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