To BE or Not to BE

UK-broadband marketplace is going to welcome a new competitor starting tomorrow – BE, which will introduce a new higher speed service that is cheaper than its rivals. The company plans to see 24 megabits/second connections for about $43 a month, about $8.50 less than what others are offering. There are plans to offer discounted VoIP service as well.

> Boris Ivanovic, the Swedish entrepreneur behind the new service, said: ‘We do not want to compete on price. We want to offer a new level of service to the UK.’ However, he acknowledged that as the UK’s other broadband providers would not be able to compete on speed, they could be forced to do so on price.

Telewest, one of the larger cable companies in UK is now upgrading its customers to 10 megabits/second, and is working on upgrading its network that will boost the speeds to 100 megabits/second.


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