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I get a lot of email and IMs from friends and readers asking which applications I use and recommend to others.  In the course of a normal day I tend to use a lot of programs depending on the task at hand so my list is pretty long.  I do not use every program every day but each program is important to me when I need it.  I figured it a good time to list my most used applications here on jkOnTheRun so here is the list.  Not all of these programs are Tablet PC specific so I have indicated the programs that are for those without Tablets.  The list is in no particular order so the top of the list is not necessarily more important to me than the bottom.  I’m not going to provide links for each of these, Google will find them very quickly.

  1. Outlook/ TEO– I live in Outlook all day for email, schedules, time billing, etc. TEO adds full ink capability to all areas in Outlook and I consider it part of it.
  2. OneNote– the second most used program I have
  3. SnagIt!– simply the best screen capture program on any platform
  4. KnockOut– free utility that kills Outlook and Word instantly if they fail to shut down, which is often
  5. Skype– can you hear me now?
  6. Onfolio– RSS reader and information collection tool, very good
  7. BlogJet– my preferred blogging tool, works with most major blog engines
  8. True Launch Bar– turns the Windows taskbar into something truly useful
  9. Snipping Tool (Experience Pack)– Tablet PC only, captures anything on the screen with the pen
  10. Ink Crossword–Tablet PC only, just what it says
  11. iTunes– my default music player and podcatcher/ player
  12. Adobe Acrobat– I do a lot of work with PDFs
  13. Internet Explorer– Firefox who?
  14. Audacity– free audio recorder, editor and mixer
  15. Zinio– digital magazine reader, one of the best things you can put on a Tablet PC
  16. eReader Pro– ebook reader
  17. FTP Commander– free FTP client
  18. WinDVD– DVD player app
  19. Yahoo Widgets (formerly Konfabulator)– good for using those spare resources
  20. MindManager Pro– best mind mapping program on any platform, outstanding on a Tablet PC
  21. Mixcast Live– audio mixer program, best way to record Skype calls
  22. Norton AntiVirus– resource hog but works very well
  23. Outback Plus– back up the entire Outlook/ IE/ Firefox environment with one click
  24. Outlook Express– I use this for my newsgroup program
  25. Quickbooks Premium– professional accounting package
  26. Karen’s Replicator– free directory copy/ replicator program
  27. SkypeHeadset– lets me use my cell phone Bluetooth headset with Skype on my Tablet PC
  28. Sonic RecordNow– came with my dual layer DVD burner, is the only way to record dual layer with this drive
  29. Windows Media Player– version 10
  30. Send to OneNote 2003 (Education Pack)– Tablet PC only, excellent utility for sending stuff to OneNote as background for inking
  31. MS Word– for final drafts
  32. MS PowerPoint– slides, slides, slides
  33. MS Excel– I use this a lot, I spreadsheet everything
  34. ActiveWords– shortcut extraordinaire
  35. Ink Pad for ActiveWords– Tablet PC only, Tabletizes ActiveWords
  36. Time Meter for Outlook– time and billing for consultants, works within Outlook
  37. MS Publisher– I mainly make my business cards with it
  38. Norton PartitionMagic– slice and dice hard drives easily
  39. Perfect Disk– my favorite disk defragger
  40. hdi– little hard disk indicator light that sits in the system tray for those systems lacking one



Well, I think you should always have up to date email backups. I used to do it manually by saving the .dbx files, until I found http://www.amicutilities.com/outlook-express-backup/ – Outlook Express Backup Genie that does it automatically at regular times.

I choused it over other because it can work with both MS Outlook and Outlook Express



chatoyer- I never leave a bunch of programs running in the background when I’m mobile. That tends to slow down standby/ hibernation and resume and I don’t want that. I am very careful to only start a program when I’m actually going to use it and then shut it down when I’m done. I do leave Outlook and OneNote running all the time but that’s pretty much it. I only use Konfabulator at home and shut it down when my day on the road is starting up. I have 1 GB of RAM in the tc1100.

The Outlook 2003 shutdown problem is well-documented. Sometimes when you shut it down it disappears but the process keeps running in the background, which prevents you from starting it up again. KnockOut gives you an icon in the sys tray that graphically informs you if Outlook (and Word as email editor) is still running. With a couple of taps it will shut it down immediately if that’s the case.


Rob, I knew I’d forget something. TEO is such an integrated program that I rarely have to think about it. It has such a seamless integration with Outlook that I didn’t think of it. I updated the list to include it.


Wow – how many processes do you have running, James? And how much RAM have you got?

I’ve never had a problem with either Outlook or Word refusing to shut down. Odd…


Mike, get a real computer and you can try them for yourself. :)

Kelly, I have not heard of a way to add to the SHARK lexicon. Check the ShapeWriter (SHARK has been renamed) web site for more info. I did try Alpha Tap a long time ago and didn’t like it and no longer remember why.

Kelly Cuthbertson

Hi. I have enjoyed reading your review of Shark and the comments from other participants; very helpful! I just started trying out Shark last night, in preparation for receiving my first Tablet PC later this week. Are you aware of any available, English lexicons that are more extensive than the one that comes with Shark? It seems that the only way to enter new words into the lexicon is via the small, one-word-at-a-time window. Any way to batch import or otherwise boost the lexicon’s capacity? Any experience working with Alpha Tap? It appears to be somewhat more complex to learn but may have greater functionality than Shark.

Mike Cane

You’re a cheap tease.

We all need fiber links so we can have you SHOW us this stuff on live video…

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