What EVDO card for your Powerbook


If you are looking for a EVDO card for Powerbook, I will recommend, Sierra Wireless Aircard 580, which after some hacking gives you better performance than any other PC card. However, it doesn’t work as well with Windows Laptops. It was giving me about 350 kbps on Mac and 115 kbps on a PC laptop. Novatel’s Merlin v620, however is a solid and brisk performer on Windows Machines, with average speed of about 270 kbps. It got 115-120 kbps on a Mac. The comparisons were carried out using Powerbook 15 (Tiger) and Averatec 1000. I sat in the same location for the two laptops, and repeated this experiment in four different spots in San Francisco. I look forward to your feedback from other cities. Kyocera 650 is known to work well with a Mac. Folks over at EVDOinfo.com have more details. These recommendations are only for Verizon’s EVDO service only.


Rameshwar Singh

I am using Powerbook mac and trying to connect EVDO USB 700 800M data card with it. I am unable to do it. Please guide, how to do it…


sir,i have mac book pro having macintosh lepord software.i want use India BSNL AC8700 Software in my m,ac i dont have a driver for tat .plz tell me how to setup driver for mac for this evdo


I found more information regarding BSNL EVDO in http://www.bsnlevdoclub.com than in bsnlevdo.com

And I dont know why the contents from bsnlevdoclub.com has been stolen by bsnlevdo.com

Any way I got the EVDO last week with the help of people from bsnlevdoclub.com and the performance here in Maharastra is quite good since there is no EVDO network coverage properly. The speeds are not bad.

Shajimon T K

BSNL EVDO & 1X data cards are the best available in India now.EVDO cards average browsing speed is 1.4 Mbps and 1X card 144 Kbps, widest coverage both rural & urban area, with cheapest cost approximately Rs.3500/- unlimited download facility.

Ashok J Prakash

You can find information on BSNL EVDO in india. BSNL provides AC8700 modem. You can find information on programming it, tutorials on making it work in Linux, BSNL faqs and more in this site


ved prakash

reliance data card is the best data card,because it”s coverage is vary large


try with BSNL connection EVDO card, it gives a better speed for browsing or surfing than reliance and airtel.


I stay in india, in the city of mumbai. I will like to have this internet connection for my airtel prepaid card,tell me whats the procedure.


Hi folks,

I recently bought a SONY VAIO with WWAN capability. It comes with Sprint service so it works fine in US. I am looking to use the card in India so wondering whether this requires me to unlock the card from Sprint service or how to go about doing this?



Has anyone tried running their laptop through a cell phone?
I think it would be cheaper because you only need one phone number for voice and computer, instead of separate phone num for each.
I would like to know how fast the data rates are.


Need some help. I have recently taken a v datacard from Tata Indicom. However whenever I turn on the connection, my laptop starts receiving data even when I am not surfing. I have turned off automatic updates for all software I use, including Windows XP, but it doesnt seem to work. I have recently formatted my OS partition and installed AVG antivirus, windows defender and ad aware SE personal. I have run AVG (recently updated) but no virus was detected. Can somebody help me? My connection shows I have used around 10 MB in 30 mins without even surfing a single site!!



Reliance  Data card is best in India as of now, Reliance have widest network across country. Browsing speed is excellent upto 156 Kbps, comes with Netbooster software. Touch points are available across the country every where for support.

Airtel  Based on GPRS technology, Max speed upto 24 Kbps. Only GPRS enabled towers can provide the service. Very limited coverage in cities even.
Terribly slow, takes lot of to open a page. Not at all suitable for frequent net browsers.

TATA Coverage is an issue, lot more areas yet to be covered. Support touch points are very less in nos.

Go for Reliance data card



are there any data cards in India that support mac os x, or are there any drivers available to hack the cards here for mac. The websites & call centers aren’t helpful at all.


I am planning on going to India with my Sprint CDMA Merlin S620 data card. Do you know if any one in India will give me the service using my card? It is going to be a temporary service. Does any one know other better alternatives to get the service?



I have rconnect card. Its just about okay for browsing. Waiting for Wimax service which has been promised for Feb 2007. Will buy a Samsung m8000 Wimax phone/modem for the purpose.


I have a reliance R-Connect card. The speed is low enough that I cannot use it effetively either for Skype or for connecting to my head office through VPN. An acquaintance who bought the same card after me also has the same problem. I am thinking of signing up with another service – Tata or Airtel, but I don’t see anyone saying they are any better. And the service – the dealer is great and helps me out a lot, but the service from the company – I don’t know if anybody else’s service is any better, but what I have is unacceptable to me.

John Varous

Guys ,

Can anyone suggest which is the best wireless data card available in India and whats the absolute download speed.. Never to trust the suppliers !!!. Pls mail me the details to my email Id as early as possible. So i can suggest a good one for my PC. Then i want to know that the PCI to PCMCIA cards are available and i can use this data card in that device consistantly. Pls advice me pls as early as possible. I am ready to bye the product in a week.

Is it Reliance , Tata or anyother .. Pls suggest

Gurpreet Singh Randhawa


I am in India right now and going to purchase a vdata card from relience. i will move New zealand soon, friends pl suggest me, this card will work over there or not.

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