What EVDO card for your Powerbook


If you are looking for a EVDO card for Powerbook, I will recommend, Sierra Wireless Aircard 580, which after some hacking gives you better performance than any other PC card. However, it doesn’t work as well with Windows Laptops. It was giving me about 350 kbps on Mac and 115 kbps on a PC laptop. Novatel’s Merlin v620, however is a solid and brisk performer on Windows Machines, with average speed of about 270 kbps. It got 115-120 kbps on a Mac. The comparisons were carried out using Powerbook 15 (Tiger) and Averatec 1000. I sat in the same location for the two laptops, and repeated this experiment in four different spots in San Francisco. I look forward to your feedback from other cities. Kyocera 650 is known to work well with a Mac. Folks over at EVDOinfo.com have more details. These recommendations are only for Verizon’s EVDO service only.



can any one helpe me to make sharing of reliance unlimited broad band login. I just want login id and password (to make sharing of my unlimited account to you and yours to me.)

i had found that we can login through broad net.plz… do comments to my email rizvan008@yahoo.com .If you have any idea better than me we can share it.

thanks .


Guys ,

Can anyone suggest which is the best wireless data card available in India and whats the absolute download speed.. Never to trust the suppliers !!!!

Is it Reliance , Tata or anyother .. Pls suggest

Swapnil Chaukar

Hey Guys,

I’ve a qurry bout choice of Data access Cards,
Do providers like Tata infocom (V card), Reliance infocom (data access card) and Airtel (data card) Give us a choice of card?

sujeevan singh

Hi friends

I am planning to by data card but I have to decide of which company data card is fine.

I like to have internet consistant.
please suggest me whether I should buy reliance data card or airtel data card or tata indicom data card.

sujeevan singh
new delhi


Hey guys, i’m in Nigeria at the moment, one of our telcos has just launched an EVDO service, i was wondering if anyone knows what the process is for getting say a kpc650 working on the local net- might i need something like quick link mobile to configure?
http://www.smithmicro.com – wireless oem – quick link etc

  • I’ve checked EVDO info but their info seems utterly geared towards getting things working on stateside networks- i’m guessing that configuring my modem as a ‘verizon’ modem will not be good enough for my service provider

Any help or pointers would be appreciated


I am considering buying a Tata Vcard in Bombay, but I will be shifting to Pune (near the NDA) in a few weeks. Will this card work there?


Hi…I am planning to get a Palm Treo700P (Unlocked version) from the USA. Palm site mentions the device as “CDMA EvDO”. Will this work in India with any of the service providers viz : Idea, Airtel or Hutch ?
Alternatively, will the Palm Treo650 with CDMA EDGE, GPRS, GSM work in India?
Being a Palm addict, I need to upgrade urgently. Pls help.


Hey I too have a Tata Indicom V data card. I am based in Mahim Mumbai and I get around 16-18 kbps dload speeds.
Connection is very stable wherever you go in India – I have been to Nagpur, Abad, Rajkot, Balaghat ( in MP ), Jaipur. Is there anyway – hack or some added software to increase the dload speeds


I recently burned myself on the Reliance data card, dont buy it. get the vdata card instead. i timed the reliance card on dslreports several times, and, on average, got around 20kbps. max was 40kbps. this only refers to the download speed, and reliance conveniently notes in the small print that the “upto” 144kbps promised also includes the upload speed, which i found to be averaging around 60kbps, but frankly, for an average user like me, upload speed hardly matters.


I am planning to by vdata card from Tata Indicom. I would like to know if it supports VoIP? I would appreciate some one guide me right on this. Thanks


I use Aircard 555 and Tata Indicom as service provider in India, with CDMA 1x on Windows PC. It is very good (it provides coverage practically everywhere in India – I tried it at rural as well as urban places) and provides thru’put at 115Kbps, consistently. It is very good. Although I am not sure it works on Powerbook (Sierra promises it does!).
The price is approximately $140 for the card (expensive than on the site but I think service providers update the firmware) and monthly charges of $16 -$20 depending on the service provider with limitation on data usage (1GB or less, etc.).

I do not know much about Reliance coverage, but have reports that describe it to be equally well-covered with consistent 100Kbps coverage.

I am looking forward

Arun Kumar V

Hey Sivaramakrishnan/Sankar,

I am looking forward to getting a data card in India and would like to know if Reliance / Tata Indiacom wireless connections on CDMA 1x are stable enough for VOIP. They seem to be promising speeds upto around 150 kbps, but the “upto” kinda gives me the creeps.

It would be great if I could get some info from you guys on this, based on your experience.




I’m looking at 2 diffrent EVDO cards but am not sure of the best one, I have Alltel wireless service and am looking at the Kyocera KPC650 and the UT STARCOM PC5740, any ideas which is the best?


Latency can be an issue, depending on what you are trying to do. Many VPN clients run just fine with EVDO. I just ran a latency test, on BroadbandAccess (EVDO), and I got 195ms – 230ms. If you are in NationalAccess, you will see ping times in the 400ms range, plus you will see 50K – 100K download speeds, vs 400K – 700K when in EVDO areas.

kumash desai

wat download speeds do u get in the tata v card and rconnect card frm reliance.. im planning to buy one.. so please suggest..


EVDO is still not available in India. I use a Tata Indicom Vdata card . It is basically a Sierra Wireless Air Card 555. The R Connect service from Reliance Infocomm also used the Air Card 555. This is only a CDMA 1x card and does not support EVDO . EVDO is not yet available in India and will be available only when 3G data service is allowed. To receive EVDO we need a Sierra Wireless 580 card.Both Tata Indicom and Reliance have a pan india coverage and is available across the country in more than 3000 cities and towns where the network is present.


We offer the same free Sprint Cards, and we don’t pretent to be someone that we are not. Hey Admin, can I get the flypcs post IP Address? That wasn’t my post.

Nadir H Karanjia

Hi All
If anyone knows where I can download drivers for a Sierra Wireless Aircard 555 to work on the Mac OS 10.4.2 please do let me know.

I had found a german company once but since have misplaced their name and url and have been searching high and low with absolutely no luck.



Latency can be an issue, depending on what you are trying to do. Many VPN clients run just fine with EVDO. I just ran a latency test, on BroadbandAccess (EVDO), and I got 195ms – 230ms. If you are in NationalAccess, you will see ping times in the 400ms range, plus you will see 50K – 100K download speeds, vs 400K – 700K when in EVDO areas.

Andrew Longley

FYI, I tried EVDO and found that it has poor latency (ping times in the range of 400ms) and CAN operate poorly with VPN client software.

Allan White

Sivaraman, I didn’t know that India had such extensive EVDO coverage – how exciting! I’d love to see coverage like that in East Africa. Or, Portland, Oregon USA for that matter! =)

Sivaraman Swaminathan

I have used a Vdata card from Tata Indicom and R-Connect card in India which is a Reliance InfoComm product.

I get similar speed as you have mentioned in your post. And can be used in over 115 cities in India.

Om Malik


actually i spent three weekends trying this out… pretty much the same result. I have not used KPC 650, but I am told it has pretty good performance.

Java2king…. i think the top speeds are more dependent on the city one is in. San Francisco is not as EVDO robust as say NYC.


Did you run your tests more than once? We have found the KPC650 to be the best performer out of the 5 EVDO cards that are currently available. The KPC650 is the only card that Verizon supports on Macs, although, at http://www.EVDOinfo.com, you will find directions to get ALL cards working with PowerBooks for Verizon or Sprint.


I use an EV-DO (verizon wireless) on my windows xp laptop in NY and Dallas, I get close to 1 Mbps with the Sierra card…I think your laptop is probably messing things up.

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