Verso introduces Skype filtering


Verso Technologies recently announced the first carrier grade Skype filtering technology.  This filter can also block P2P messaging, streaming media and instant messaging.  This filtering is done at the carrier level so filtered communications can be blocked at the provider level.

“This is a first of kind technology we are introducing in the carrier marketplace,” said Monty Bannerman, president and chief operating officer, Verso Technologies.  “The introduction of Verso’s application filter reinforces the company’s focus on the network application space and strengthens our position as a leader in optimization technology.  This application should be of great interest to any facilities based carrier in the world.  Now that the application has successfully completed its pre-production trials, we are working with tier-1 carriers to conduct the first production field trial for this application.  We believe that the application has tremendous market opportunity because it addresses an increasingly critical carrier requirement as P2P traffic continues to grow worldwide.”  



I seem to have read somewhere that Verso has a connection to Vonage which will surely be unblocked. This will get interesting pretty soon. Perhaps at the carrier level they will offer an optional service to corporations to block VoIP.

Eric Mack

I can see a corporate site deploying this, but an ISP? Perhaps they see it as a way to encourage customers to sign up for their VOIP service, which will no doubt be unblocked. I see it as a way to send large numbers of customers to their competitor. It will be interesting to see who’s first to deploy. I’m sure someone will.


From their press release of Sept. 14:

“This new application provides the most comprehensive array of optimization and content management options currently available for cable operators and internet protocol service providers seeking to selectively disable undesirable network traffic and improve service levels on their networks. Applications such as Skype, Peer-2-Peer (P2P) messaging, streaming media and instant messaging increasingly cause congestion on service provider networks and interrupt or degrade service for other critical applications.”

Uh, how blatant can they get? “Undesirable net traffic?” From who’s perspective? Certainly not from the customer’s perspective. I would bet a years’ salary that the customers of these companies consider the apps Verso’s application blocks to be “critical” applications — probably one of the reasons they have broadband in the first place. I mean, come on, blocking streaming media, IM, VOIP…selectively?

This is pretty pathetic. I can’t imagine that there won’t be a lawsuit about this. I doubt Ebay will sit still while it’s $3 billion investment is “selectively” disabled.

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