Get Music Online Legally


Daniel Punch has put together an article which points you to various places on the web, where you can get free and legal music either for downloads or streaming. He says while you can find a lot of music for downloads on an artist’s website or on the record label’s website, there are few places which are a virtual treasure vault of free music, especially if you don’t care for mainstream tunes. For smaller bands, Punch suggests GarageBand, and Pure Volume. is the perennial favorite, though I have had tough time finding music which I love there. Does anyone else have more links? Better ones, I hope? Drop them in the comments section!



If you are into electronic music DemoStreams is a new budding community, from some of your favorite local and qauzi Rockstar Dj’s and Producers.


you can somewhat “abuse”’s radio station by using your preferences to become selective of what you want to listen to when you do an artist station. for instance, I can *basically* listen most of “death cab for cutie” on their fan station if I just X out the other bands that get played. this was of course before YME, but now the $6 is worth it.

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