Blogging Rita- final part

Power has just come back on and I must say it’s been an emotional roller coaster having come from what was projected to hit us to what we actually experienced.  We have received virtually no rain except a few sprinkles, the wind is still occasionally gusting but has quieted for the most part.  Our yard is littered with tree limbs but there is no damage I can find for which we are very thankful.

On the geek side I can’t tell you how glad I am to have two batteries for my Tablet PC, I used it sparingly to get weather updates and light blogging and had only just switched out my first battery when the power came back on.  This HP tc1100 gets phenomenal battery life when optimized for such.  At times the Verizon EVDO had connection problems but I never failed to eventually get in and when I did I experienced full EVDO speed which is fast.

With power off and no air conditioning earlier today when the winds died down to a safe level at least 10 children came out of their homes to play at the end of my street.  The sad part is I haven’t seen these kids playing outside for months.  Makes you think.

I wish to thank everyone all over the world who has expressed their concerns for our situation.  Friends can help make any situation brighter, even when confronting the giant.  I am very touched by all who have contacted me to offer support.  I feel very blessed.


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