Microsoft Student 2006 and the Tablet PC- kids working smarter


The Tablet PC Education Blog recently mentioned Microsoft Student 2006 which is an excellent platform to aid students in handling their studies, homework and research.  Marc Orchant+’s son has been using Student for over a year and he has only great things to say about the experience with his son’s schoolwork.  He is using it on a notebook computer but I can’t help but think that on a Tablet PC with OneNote and the Education Pack installed this would be a stellar platform for students.


Marc Orchant

James – to be clear, Jason and I have been testing Student 2006 since the beginnng of the school year – it was only released in August. We’re working on our review right now and should have something posted this week, now that Jason has had some time to put it through its paces and apply it to real school projects.

We are both very impressed with the package. It adds a tremendous number of tools to Office and functions well as a standalone product as well (for those using Works, OpenOffice, or another productivity tool).

Tablet PC User

I think that we should clearly state that Students 2006 is for middle & high school students, and NOT for college / graduate / post-doctorate students.

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