Just a little bit of DSL


Covad just started hawking a 6 megabits/768 kbps TeleSoho service for about $108 a month… but don’t worry, you could soon get a better deal from Earthlink which will soon be pushing a 8 megabits per second connection with lots of voice for about $70 a minute month. That will help DSL retain its leadership…. which is good news for Ikanos, which just went public. The VDSL chip maker sold 6.4 million shares at $12 a share, for a total of $69 million. The stock closed at $1 a share. By the way this is one of those rare broadband public offerings!



Hilarious… you can get 20Mb/1Mb for less than 30 euros with TV and unlimited national VoIP in France. Or even 20Mb for 15 euros with no VoIP or TV…

Jacob Varghese

I really thought they made a great partner for Vonage. It’s interesting to see that they are ending their resale agreeement with Vonage in order to roll out it’s own product. This will hurt Vonage’s buyout and IPO hopes.

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