Blogging Rita- part 8

Now the wait begins.  All storm preparations are done and we are hunkering down for the big show that should start later today.  Predictions have us beginning to feel some wind and rain around noon CST today with a gradual strengthening until landfall tomorrow noon.  The temperature has dropped around 10 degrees from what it was the past few days making it extremely pleasant outside.  I still have not been able to get in contact with my Mom nor my sister so I do not know if they are still stuck in the giant traffic fiasco on their way to Dallas.

There will no doubt be much discussion and investigations over the handling of the evacuation plan.  People have now been sitting in a very slow moving traffic jam for over 24 hours and shelters are being put in place to get them out of their cars come storm time.  The traffic jam is reported to be over 100 miles long due in large part to evacuees leaving whenever they wanted as opposed to following the planned staggered evacuation that was designed to prevent just such traffic problems.  No doubt finger-pointing for blame will begin in earnest even before the storm comes ashore.  I saw one county official tell his constituents two days ago that while their mandatory evacuation was to take place the next day according to the official plan that he wouldn’t wait so they could use any route they wanted to leave as opposed to the official route and time.  They should string this guy up.


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