A Mandatory GoogleNet Update


Oh now keeping in with this week’s previous posts, here are some “mandatory Google update.” In case you were looking here is a little job posting for Google TV. Also there is news that Google is leasing 270,000 square feet in a Chelsea telecom hotel. That’s 111 Eight Avenue by the way. This would be a perfect place to peer with the big networks, and light up that dark fiber, and put GoogleNet to work.

.. concentration of interconnected networks would allow Google to offer its new voice-over-Internet service, Google Talk, more efficiently and at lower cost because it would be able to connect directly to the networks of many of the world’s leading telecom firms that are also housed there.



Do you know that is standard practice for Google to post fake job ads, spill fake rumours and the like, to make competitors speculate about what they’re doing, and in the meantime do something else entirely?
That was confirmed to me by a big cheese there…so everytime i see a rumour substantiated by a job posting, i take it with a pinch of salt.

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