Windows Vista Aero Glass on a HP tc1100


I have been playing around with Vista on my HP tc1100 when not busy doing other things (like getting ready for Hurricane Rita) and it’s pretty cool.  The tc1100 only has a 32 MB video controller which is not enough to automatically enable the slick Glass effects of Vista but with much messing around I finally got Glass.  Here are some screens that show how Vista came up without the Glass effects (click on all screens to enlarge):

JK Vista TIP keyboard enlarged JK Vista TIP screen

Have a look at these screens which demonstrate how cool Glass is on a Tablet PC:

Vista Glass tc1100 1 Vista Glass tc1100 2 Vista Glass tc1100 3 Vista Glass tc1100 4 Vista Glass tc1100



It’s Vista Beta 2, as the screenshots clearly indicate. Much of the fit-and-finish work was not complete in mid-2005.

Next thing you know, someone will dig up a 1994 article about Windows 95 and say “That’s not Windows 95, it’s Windows 3.1 with a different theme applied.”


i don’t think it’s vista

but it’s looks like windows xp

just look at the systray icons

and the starmenu icon!~


i have intel 82845g and i use vista ultimate 6000 build, any way to force aero? thanks in advance.


Is the processing speed acceptable for running VISTA with Aero Glass, or is this just for very dedicated VISTA Aero Glass fans?


I tried to install Vista on my TC1100 but could not get the pen to work on it. Any suggestions?


I know this is late, but does the forced registry hack work on vista rtm an tc1100?


The links for the how to do not work anymore, anyone have updated howto for TC1100 and vista steps?


Anybody have problems getting the wireless drivers to work with the TC1100. I can’t seem to get the HP drivers to load correctly. Also, did anyone notice if the power management settings are really working, my laptop seems to only have an hour long battery life running vista. I’m running Vista RC1.


Nils Boen

I’ve installed Vista Beta 2 some time ago but I have a problem with the Aero/Glass function…
I was wondering if it would be possible to get Aero running on my laptop with a ATi Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics card which officially has only 32MB of memory. Although these 32MB it is a good card and it’s equal to most 128MB cards, so I was hoping anyone could give me some advice or a (working) link.


Hi, does all the XP-Drivers of HP work with Vista or are there any serious problems?

Sorry for my bad english. ;)


I was surprised that I got everything operating on my pc, including Norton AV 2005 CE. It included my Audigy 2 (2 channels only), but aside from some initial graphical problems with the geforce 6800 it was pretty easy. Oddly enough I had to install Norton twice to get it to take, even under the admin acount. Weird I know, but I am going to reinstall tonight and see if it was my error (while making a walk through). I am unsure if we can post sites or email addies on here so I’ll check back if anyone has any questions to attempt to help.

craig kelly-soens

A little warning the Glass registry adjustment just repeatedly gives errors about “user experience subsystems failed and need to be shut down”. It is on an Intel 82845G Graphics Controller-Ver14.10.3 -Date jun-28-2005 – not sure about on card memory sorry.
It does allow me to continue working as normal after a few errors. I also think the firewall/virus message fades out slowly which didnt happen before.
craig XAML Vista WinFx

Colin Walker

Ah, so it’s not just me. I bugged it anyway and got a response that it was being investigated so fingers crossed for the next build.


Graham, I had no problems getting Vista installed.

Colin, the Glass looks nice but it makes it almost impossible to use the TIP, the pointer doesn’t work well as a mouse as you point out, and it killed anything that news Direct3D including IE 7. But don’t it look nice? :)

Graham Chastney

Now how did you manage that? I’ve tried a few times now to get Vista to install on my TC, but it keeps failing just at the start of the second step. Did you have to do anything special?


I’m coming really late.
I would like to test what you presented.
The link to the blog with the recipe is not functional aynymore :-( :-(

Where might I find the info?


Tim Marman

Any chance you can post the steps for enabling this? I’m guessing the M200, which has an nVidia video card, can do this? NVidia posted the LDDM drivers but they don’t work on the GeForce …

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