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Frog Treo

I’ve recently acquired a Treo 650. It’s quite neat. What follows is a collection of a few useful resources and lessons learned, getting the Treo working with Mac OS X Tiger:

  • Synchronizing the Treo 650 through iSync: Method 1:
    • Despite what various sources will tell you, you might consider getting rid of and/or back-up any previous Palm-related software, library files in ~/Library and /Library, and other data and configuration in ~ and ~/Documents.
    • Try performing the entire installation process as an admin user, with your Treo 650 plugged into the USB port. I believe this is most helpful for the “Enable Palm OS Syncing…” step in iSync. The first time selecting this option appears to trigger Tiger to try to install some components, and it would appear Apple forgot to check and ask for Administrator privileges.
    • setup iSync: If you’re using Tiger, you’ll need to download the
      latest Palm Desktop from Palm (the one on the CD-ROM is not
      compatible with Tiger). Install that, then in isync find the “Enable
      Palm…” menu option under devices, and select that.
    • using the usb cable, sync once from isync (click sync in isync,
      then click hotsync on the treo).
    • follow these directions to get bluetooth sync working
  • The Bluetooth aspect of Method 1 did not quite work for me. It’s worked fine for other people. So your mileage may vary. To make a long story short, HotSync Manager was unable to show me a Bluetooth-PDA-Sync-port connectivity option. I did have a Bluetooth-PDA-Sync connectivity option. Despite my monkeying in Bluetooth preferences, I couldn’t get the Treo to Sync over Bluetooth. Method 2 saved me.
  • Synchronizing the Treo 650 through iSync: Method 2: Buy MarkSpace’s “The Missing Sync” for Palm OS. It fixed all my issues, is far simpler and more elegant. After pulling my hair like a mad man throughout tribulations of Method 1, Missing Sync was a most welcome breath of fresh air. It’s $39.95. Check out their side-by-side comparison. Note: when they mention “Internet Sharing”, they’re talking about enabling your Treo to leverage your computer’s Internet connection. I’d love to find a way to somehow pipe the Treo’s Wireless 3G data connectivity over bluetooth, to the laptop, thereby giving me “in-a-pinch” Internet access just about anywhere. Has this been done? Either way, my Treo 650 doesn’t allow me to create a “New Connection”. I believe it is locked.

I’ve started to explore the following Palm applications:

  • pssh – Free, Open-Source ssh client. Supports SSH2. To import an RSA private key, open-up the Palm Desktop application, create a Memo entry, paste your key into it, sync the Palm. Open PSSH on the Palm, click the Menu button, select Public Keys…, Click [Import…]. Select your key from the listed Memo Pad entries.
  • UpIRC IRC client. Works well.

Which other Palm apps should I be using?

Finally, I have to mention that EarthLink Total Access for Treo is quite cool. EarthLink also ships a more stable mail program with the Treo 650, called “MailBox”. All Treo650s otherwise ship with a program called “VersaMail”. While toying around with it, I’ve noticed it has a nasty habit of adding a semi-colon ; after each e-mail address, which is thoroughly non-compliant with the SMTP protocol, and causes many SMTP servers to choke over emails it sends. VersaMail does have a couple of interesting advanced filtering features, which I personally find don’t make-up for its shortcoming.

I would expect most companies who carry the Treo 650 offer their own mail application, be sure to ask ahead.


Problems with Treo 650 2.5 mm port

I am very frustrated. I have my 3rd defective Palm Treo in 3 months. They all develop the same problem. After about a month the 2.5 mm port of the speaker phone and mp3 player become defective in a STRANGE way. It becomes the ONLY way the phone will work. In short the phone always thinks that something is plugged into this port even when it is NOT. This mean the phone ONLY works with a head set after about a month. If you pull the plug out the regular speaker and microphone on the phone never turn on nor can you turn on the speakerphone.

I’m having my 4th Palm Treo shipped to me now but — I’m afraid it will just happen again. I DO use the plug frequently as I use the device to play music AND I plug in the headset for most calls. BUT I am not doing anything I shouldn’t do NOR am I abusing the device in any way. This is all, standard, advertised usage.

Does anybody have any experience around this issue? No one at Palm claims they have ever heard of this problem before and I’ve talked to a lot of people there.



Does anybody knows the access code for the general phone configuration menu? Am not talkin’ about the basic one (with the preferences and those things), the one I’m tryin’ to get is the one that allows you to modify/edit or config the network (PRL, 3GDATA, SML, PREV, etc). Usually these are codes you have to dial in the phone application and then you get into the new menu.


thanks for the helpful article on connectivity (bluetooth and USB) with your treo and mac. i was frustrated because i share the same inability to connect via bluetooth. working now — thanks much.


I used my Treo 650’s connection to tether my Powerbook while performing relief work in New Orleans. I amazingly got Edge class speed. I use T-Mobile and have the $20/month unlimited plan. Great price point! The “phone number” in setting things up is Different number if you have the lower plans.

Barkman’s home page is the place to get the modem scripts for 3G. For Treo 650’s get the Generic 3G script file. It is a .sit file. In it will be two scripts that you copy over to /Library/Modem Scripts/.

I just updated my Powerbook to Tiger this weekend and installed the scripts. On the initial pairing of my Treo650, it only paired. I went into bluetooth settings and selected my phone and clicked configure which then brought up the option of using the phone as a modem. I’m going to play with the modem port setting and see if that helps speed issues, as it doesn’t feel as speedy as when I had Panther on this laptop.


reggie: I thought so too at first. Don’t hit the green button, hit the red button — it’ll wake up right where it was. It’s counterintuitive to me to hit what looks like the “end” button on other phones, but the Treo red button doesn’t act like the end button on most other phones.


I just got my treo 650 and I love it to death, but of course i have one gripe…If your on the internet and the treo goes to sleep in order to wake it up u got to hit the phone button, which brings up the phone then you got to re-open the internet again…i wich it would wake up exactly where i left off.

ravin' dave

Many modem scripts can be found here. Though I didn’t see one for the treo. A little digging can yield something. I used a script for my old phone to connect my G4 laptop over tmobile GPRS data-network. Like joel said, slow but cool.

Brenda Golden

I just bought a palm 650 however it upsets me that the reps who sell these phones don’t know anything about them at all. The book that comes with the package is not informative at all. I am thoroughly thankful for what you have listed on the website. It’s great information. Perhaps you can help me with this: Versamail: i can read my mail but I cannot reply or send. I use aol and we have entered the correct service information but it still will not let me reply or send. The second problem is how do I put my versamail in one of my favorite buttons. The reps in the stores don’t know anything! Thank you so much. Brenda


I have a Treo 650 and it’s awesome! I was having problems with it but I downloaded the latest firmware and it fixed the problems… The only thing that I’m experiencing is expensive interenet service via Cingular. Does anyone have cingular, and what do you pay. And is there away for me to connect my powerbook to the internet via the Treo.



Gah. That didn’t work. hehe. But click on the BIG link above to go to the thread and click the second to go to that specific post.

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I’d be very interested in how to set up DUN for a treo 650 and Mac OSX. I’ve been trying for a few months now and I have to admit, I’m baffled. (I have an unlocked GSM)

Otherwise, the treo 650 is a nice little machine, even though rather crash-prone, which for a phone is a tad inconvenient.

Mario Alessi

Using bluetooth to transmit the internet from a TREO 650 to your machintosh no longer requires shadowmites rom hack. The firmware update that was relased a few months ago fixed the problem. Go to Bluetooth on your phone and turn on Dialup netowrking. Youll need firmware 1.12 if a sprint phone.

YOu can email me and ill help you out more. The hurricane here in Lousiana keeps dropping my internet and power.


use handbrake to convert movies to mpeg4 (and reduced fps and resolution). then use tcpmp as a movie-viewer on the treo. it looks gorgeous and is wonderful for watching movies on the go. and best of all, both are FREE!


I know Sprint has disabled dial up networking in the Treo 650, which I’ve had about 6 months(?) made a tiny 4KB patch which revealed the “DUN Networking” in the Bluetooth menu ( it was still there but invisible). He has instructions, and lots of ways to delete ad’s & such from ROM.

Anyway, we dial using the modem in OS X called SprintPCS (cool huh?) dial #777 and we get about 80 – 130 Kb/sec – which isn’t heaven, but I’m on it now.

Term for “Dial up networking” is “DUN” so, google it & find all you can imagine, Shadowmite should be in the top 10 like so:

You’ll love it!

Chris Holland

Daniel oh wait, you’re talking about Dialup Networking, ah yes, I’ve done that on the t610, very useful in a pinch indeed, and i think i can also set it up on the Treo, and that’s a good start.

Being greedy for bandwidth, I wish I could tap into GPRS or 3G/data connectivity instead of going through analog dial-up.

Chris Holland

Joel: Yes, I’d really love to get those links!!!

I remember trying to do something similar with my sony ericsson t610, i’m also a tmobile subscriber with T-Zones Pro, and i remember OS X Panther Bluetooth assistant offering me an option to do that, but it was asking me for information I didn’t know or have, and concluded at the time that to obtain that information I’d need to actually buy T-Mobile’s GPRS computer data plan. But i’ve always had a hunch that if the t610 can do GPRS on its own, there ought to be a way to pipe this connectivity over to the powerbook.

I’m wondering whether these things are easier on the Treo.

Daniel Sofer

The Sprint Treo has a Bluetooth setting to allow the phone to be used as a modem. I used this in Napa Valley last month and was very useful! Easy to setup on the Mac as well…


I’ve been able to use my T-Mobile GPRS data connection, via bluetooth, on my Powerbook. It’s awesome. A bit slow. But with T-mob’s move to a faster wireless connection, I expect that will improve.

If I can dig up the links that helped me out, I’ll post them for you.

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