Mountain Dew No Like Mac?


mountaindewMountain Dew might just be the drink of choice for most code jockeys, including the Mac types, but the drink has little or no love for us Mac types. Like many others, I love the Dew, and when checking out their website I wanted to check out their MDTV-promotional site, I found that you needed a special player to see cool short films everyone keeps talking about. That player unfortunately works only on Windows Machines. That’s strange given that Mountain Dew’s parent, Pepsi, has such a special bond with Apple. Maybe my next Dew will be when they support Apple. But seriously, I think the lack of Apple support on many new “multimedia” and “digital” applications like Mercora is a serious problem for the platform. This is especially bad, given that Apple is known for its AV-goodness.



thats sad. i will never drink Mountain Dew again. and those who do, will tell them it looks like Pee so its packaged in a coloured bottle.


Notably, Mountain Dew has partnered with the X-BOX. This apparently overrides the vaunted Pepsi-Apple connection.

They have even given away special X-BOXes that were primarily green with black accents, instead of the usual black with green color scheme.


Dude, you may continue to do the ‘Dew’ cause it worked on my G4, circa 2001, on Safari.


Special player? It’s just Macromedia Flash player. I can watch all of the ads without problem in 10.4.2 with Safari 2.0.1

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