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I have been following the progress of The Million Dollar Homepage since it first went live and there is no question it is the most ingenious use of the Internet I have seen thus far.  TMDH is the brainchild of 21 year old Alex Tew of Wiltshire, England who needed to make some cash before heading of the the University of England at the end of September.  After kicking several money-making ideas around he came up with the concept of selling ads, one pixel at a time.  The TMDH homepage is a large grid with each square representing one pixel which Alex sells for $1 each.  Each square consists of 100 pixels and the minimum number you can purchase is $100 worth.  The square is filled in with the graphic of the buyer’s choice that contains a link to wherever the buyer wants to point visitors.  This idea has spread like wildfire and in only a few weeks Alex has sold 74,000 pixels!  He has published case histories from websites that claim a 1000% increase in site traffic by placing just one pixel on the site.  Kudos to Alex for a brilliantly simple way to make the Web work for him.




hey all
was just wondering how you guys are building the sites? do u use php or are you manually adding these images??



Last week we sent a mail to ask you to change pixels. As a result of changing pixels we moved 300.000 places above in Alexa´s ranking (
If you didn´t answer last week, you still can change pixels with me. You find my mailaddress at Most people who changed pixels with me went up also.

If you answered last week, thank you. I hope you´re satisfied with your link.


Marc L

Here is a great site! The
where you buy a block for $150 (i.e.$50 more than Alex T’s but it give you the chance to win $1.000.000 with your PayPal Transaction Receipt Number! Great Idea…I think! For $50 you have a 1 to 100.000 chance or more..depending how may you buy to win the Million…a much better chance than any other lottery i have come across!


Nice. I’ve also set up one at

Right now, we’re trying to get traffic and will work on more sales later, but Alex is a genius. The real question, though, is will this be a new marketing tactic that will last, or is it just a fad? Time will tell, I guess.

The Million Dollar Cow

Here’s another million dollar home page copy-cat site (or should I say copy-*cow* site),

I saw this web phenomenom and thought it was definitely something special. But why do people click on the links – all they get is re-directed to another page (which maybe they’re not interested in)?

On The Million Dollar Cow page every time you click on one of the pixel links you get a cow. Each link hides a different cow and some facts about its life. You can collect cows, swap cows, even make them fight in top-trump style battles. My personal favourite is Jessica, but choose your own…

I only started the site a couple of days ago, so I’m looking to drum up some interest. Take a look at

Forget all the hype around pixels! It’s all about time! Purchase small blocks of time and have your ad displayed at the same time, every day, for seven consecutive days! You don’t have to worry about your tiny $100 ad never getting seen in a see of other tiny ads! Web site owners can also compete for text link positions via monetary donations.



The Auction Homepage reports that bidding has started at eBay for prime traffic banner ad spots!

Buy pixels from Paypal or 2Checkout for guaranteed traffic.

1 Week free trial for posting your pixels until 13 Oct. 2005



Hey guys…

how about a Million Dollar Blogs page?

what do u think?

i’ve got a few ideas and the launch will be soon!!!



Another student from France is hopping to get the same success with

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