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@ DH: The Concert Network

At Digital Hollywood, had an interesting chat with Jeff Shultz, the CEO of The Concert Network, the VOD live music channel on Comcast, Adelphia and others across U.S. It is an interesting story: the young founders have been slugging at it for the last two years and are gaining some good traction in the market, purely through word-of-mouth. Music, by far, has been among the biggest categories on VOD, and if you want to argue that live music and events as a category are making a big comeback online and other digital media, then the NYC-based Concert fits into that ecosphere well.

The channel signed on its first advertiser, Coca Cola, earlier this year, perhaps the first such VOD-only deal in U.S. It is a TV-resident service, and Shultz believes that is the way to go, despite my attempts to convince him otherwise.

Anyway, keep an eye out for them…

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