Chris Pratley divulges more upcoming OneNote goodness


The next version of OneNote is really looking sweet and I’ve already summarized what was known about new features at that time.  Chris Pratley has divulged some other goodies coming up in OneNote that leaves me really wanting the next version to hurry up.  Here’s a summary of these new features:

Tables.  Type a word, hit TAB and OneNote automatically creates a table on your note page.  Keep hitting TAB after typing words and get more columns automatically.  Very handy for creating nice looking notes. Tables pasted from the web, Word or Excel remain tables in OneNote with correct formatting.

Embedded documents.  Documents can now be placed on note pages as icons, but are still real documents.  Edit them by double-clicking the icon and the saved document is updated in its original location and in OneNote.  Move the note page and the document icon and the document go with it.  Email the note page and the document goes along for the ride.  Can you say Project Page?

Drag and drop.  Chris mentioned this before but expands on this a little.  You can now drag pages and sections anywhere you want, which makes reorganization of your notes a breeze. In the new OneNote almost anything is draggable this way.

Subpages.  Subpages are no longer just continuation pages that share the title of the master page.  They can now be titled anything you want, giving you a little more control over your notebook.

Instant searching. Searching in OneNote now uses the same Windows Desktop search engine so your OneNote information is now indexed in the background and searches return results instantly.  This is very big, indeed for heavy users of OneNote.  You can even search notebooks on remote servers.

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