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WSJ Correction Acknowledges paidContent.Org’s Report

It took the better part of a day but the Wall Street Journal has issued a correction and amended the story that made it seem as though the paper, not this site, broke the news that Viacom may be on the verge of acquiring iFilm. Unlike the Journal’s follow on MSN-AOL last week, which credited the New York Post with breaking that news, the brief online-only story by an unidentified reporter published last night ignored the fact that the news appeared first on nearly 24 hours earlier.
The correction and amplification reads: “News of the talks between Viacom and IFILM was reported earlier on the Web site The initial version of this article didn’t credit the site.”

Unfortunately, unless the Journal sends the correction out electronically in the same way the story was published — as is our policy on corrections — most Online Journal readers won’t know it has changed.
We’re not sure why the Journal finds it so difficult to be fair consistently but we hope that will change from here out and that this will be the last time we have to call them on it.

Update: The Online Journal has added the note to its front-page-linked corrections page. (Much appreciated. ) That’s a feature too few news sites have — and one that I’ll suggest we add as part of our redesign. It’s also worth noting that the Journal moved with unusual speed.

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