User Feedback: What’s Your Backup Strategy?

Regular backups of important data are crucial to ensure that if the worst happens, one can get back up and running quickly; but you already knew that. The big question is, how do you do it? Backup strategies are as varied as the personalities of the people who created them, ranging from strict daily backups onto rotating tape drives, to the occasional backup on to an external drive when the user remembers. In an effort to help our readers, and ourselves, ensure the safety of our important data, we pose this question to you: What is your backup strategy? Respond in the comments, and after two weeks, I will go through and and weed out the juicy bits of information contained within your responses, and post a breakdown of how you, our readers, keep their data safe. Think of this as a kind of poll, but feel free to post and tips or tricks you might have.

As for me, I backup my PowerBook using Carbon Copy Cloner onto two rotating external drives; one USB 2.0, and one FireWire. This way, I can never lose more than a weeks worth of work.


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