New Acer C200 previewed with photos

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Acer stepped up the innovation with the announcement recently of the C200 Tablet PC with the sliding hinge.  The hinge is the first departure from the traditional swivel hinge most convertible Tablets use and from photos I’ve seen looks sturdier.  Infosync World has published a preview of the C200 and the innovations don’t end with the new sliding display.  The C200 is available with a video option that uses a nVidia GeForce Go 6200 chipset with a whopping 256 MB of VRAM, making the C200 one of the most capable Tablet PCs available. The C200 can be fitted with up to 2 GB of RAM and a shock protecting 100 GB hard drive.  A multi-bay system can house a DVD dual-layer or a DVD/CD-RW drive.  There are slots galore on the C200– PC Card, card reader (SD/MMC, Memory Stick/Pro.  The unit looks a little thick from the photos in the preview but that could be a matter of perspective. Acer has stepped up their game with the C200.

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Josh Bancroft

I saw this unit showed off at the “future of mobile hardware” panel at PDC last week, and it was definitely sweet. The action of sliding the screen up and out and locking in place to access the keyboard was very slick.

Any word on the screen resolution of this baby? I imagine with so much VRAM, it’s got to be more than 1024×768 (what seems to be the “glass ceiling” for tablets, that only a few break through).

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