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I was checking my feeds and saw something in the “Enjoying” list on WhatDoIKnow.org that got me thinking a little bit. The gear-turner went like this:

“Well how about that. Microsoft has released a web developer toolbar for IE.”

Isn’t that kind of sad? I mean, Firefox came out, and passionate users hit the code editors and created a web developer toolbar in short order. Granted, Firefox isn’t platform dependant, but people loved that software enough to help make it better. When’s the last time you saw that – a quality example – for the Windows platform?

Admittedly, I’m a bit biased here. Yeah, I love my Mac and all that Apple has to offer, but I’m also a daily Windows user. I’ve got at least 50 hours a week on Windows while at work. In an effort to make that experience a little better – ala OS X – I’ve scoured download.com and versiontracker to find some elegant and useful apps and utilities. They’re just not there, and the ones that are usually cost $20, plus or minus…and have yet to match the quality of the free and open source offerings on the OS X side!

It’s like the kid who throws a birthday party, but when everyone gets there, there’s no presents for the birthday boy. He’s gotta rely on his parents to get him some. Sad.


Charlotte Web

Even though I’ve got a 21″ monitor, I hate that Google Desktop takes up valuable screen real estate. I’d rather have the full screen without the clutter.

Oh, and I’ve recently become a full-time Windows user. I tell everyone I know not to use IE, if they can possibly avoid it. Firefox is sooo much better.


I’m in the same situation. I’ve started using Google Desktop. It’s the closest thing to spotlight that I’ve found. Very useful.

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