Following Rita


Hurricane Rita is lumbering toward the Texas coast and the emergency services that have been mobilized is simply amazing.  The current path of Rita has it coming right up the island of Galveston and continuing on to my hometown of Houston.  By 6 am tomorrow morning over 1 million people will have been evacuated under a mandatory evacuation enacted by state and local authorities.  Seems everyone learned valuable lessons from Katrina.  My home is far enough inland that we should be OK so as of now we are going to ride it out. I have been watching news coverage all day and Houston is one giant traffic jam so I’m not sure we could get very far anyway.  I’m going to blog about this as it unfolds but at some point we will likely lose power so if I go silent that’s probably what happened.  Hopefully Bill can post some interesting stuff if I can’t get online.  As of now Rita is a Category 5 storm with winds of 165 MPH and 200 MPH gusts.  Our power company is telling residents to be prepared to be without power for two weeks. Wish us luck.

Rita path


Michael Willits

Hang in there James! Stay safe, there are a lot of us you’d miss you in the bloging and podcast world. Keep us updated on things as you can.


You are all in my prayers for safety. Went thru Andrew – scary stuff… best to all.



Best of luck. Here in Miami, Katrina made a mess (of course ot as bad as in New Orleans) but luckily Rita spared us. Get your shutters up, and hope your power does not go out. The forces of nature…

Be well.

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