Despatch 4: Challenges To The Growth Of Gaming In India

Mobile Gaming Conference, New Delhi: The key challenges for the growth in mobile gaming in India, according to Vishal Gondal, Indiagames.
– Download experience (Ya, that needs a lot of improvement)
– Handset provisioning with GPRS (not many handsets are enabled, and those who have, haven’t activated)
– Poor content quality (Developers will have to take care of it)
– Not enough marketing (there was a debate on whether the content developers/publishers should start doing branding. Kaustuv Ghosh of Mobile 365 was talking about – read my further despatches)
– Games culture (India doesn’t have one. So it needs to be developed)
– Only mobile gaming has taken off (What about others like PC, online, console? Aparently, there are just 50,000-100,000 consoles in India)
– Lack of an industry body (many others – like some small content developers – were also talking about it. I can see a need for one being voiced by every developer)
– Payment revenues (There was a debate on several models like subscription, pay per download, sachet model, revemue shareing etc. I am posting details later)
– And finally, source code protection and IP issues (there was a legal fight between Indiagames and Mauj on this)

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