Despatch 2: “Indianisation Of Gaming Content Is The Key”: Vishal Gondal

Mobile Gaming Conference, New Delhi: First let me talk about the main points of the speech of Vishal Gondal, CEO, Indiagames, who spoke at the first session.
First point is that there will be Indianisation of content. He says, “We can see a lot of Indian content coming.” The idea is the market needs a lot of original Indian content. He cites the instance of Indiagames’ tie-up with Hungama.
Gondal says in the next 24 months, the market demand will change dramatically. “You only need very less products, but they all should be quality games.” So the emphasis will be on the quality and not on volume. So it’s not going to be a 200-games kind of situation, but good quality 20 games.
According to Gondal, the games ARPU for carriers are doing well (he didn’t reveal how much). He suggested that the idea is to move to subscription-based model from a model of charging per download (more on that later since there was a debate on this issue in a separate session).
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