iTunes 5.0.1


Apple has released an update to iTunes that will supposedly fix stability issues that some users have been experiencing. This emergency bug fix update follows a recent trend in which Apple releases software that is seemingly not ready for release, such as in the case of OS X 10.4.1, which was released just days after Tiger became available. The update is available via Software Update.

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Dave Everitt

I just updated to iTunes 7.1 (59) on OS 10.4.8 and I update manually (more songs on the iPod than on my PowerBook G4), but I can no longer drag tunes into my iPod – they simply don’t move. Anyone else have this problem?

Chris Holland

Seems to be more than just a bugfix:

iTunes 5 features a new even more powerful instant search, including the new Search Bar which helps you find exactly what you are looking for in iTunes or from among 2 million songs on the Music Store, folders for organizing playlists, and new Parental Controls for music, music sharing and podcasts. iTunes 5.0.1 features several stability improvements over iTunes 5.

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