Is (Microsoft) Reorg Enough?


Microsoft, for all its faults, does one thing better than most other companies – looks itself in the mirror, doesn’t like what it sees and quickly tries to do a makeover. Today’s makeover is keeping in with that tradition. The tradition, that made Netscape public enemy # 1 and Internet the opportunity # 1.

Strangely enough, Scoble has some details. None of the usual Microsoft blogs have any information either – Mary Jo Foley, normally the fastest and the best is also quiet. Ryan says MJF is on vacation, but she predicted this back on August 24, 2005. Wow!

I wonder if this was a quick-snap decision by the senior management. After all their dirty laundry was on the cover of Business Week and Forbes!

Anyway the latest reorganization may not be perfect, but it shows that Microsoft’s big dawg – Bill G – knows that something is not right. Step in the right direction? But as I said earlier, the challenges remain. More @ The Wall Street Journal, subscription required.

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