Black is the New Black


MobileTracker says T-Mobile plans to launch black Sidekick. Black iPod Nano, and before that, Black RAZR – looks like black is back, and is the new black! What next? Pink?



Well, Trent from Pink is the new Blog loves his Pink RAZR they sent him…maybe it’ll be on sale to the public soon just for you. ;-)

Charlie Sierra

That figures, I mean Cingular is in Atlanta, and everything in Atlanta is great, smart, etc…

PS. Note to self, watch more TV before posting on Om’s, tic.

PPS. Has any carrier used a song from the Donna’s yet? Maybe Boost?

Jesse Kopelman

Didn’t Cingular already use “Back in Black” for their black RAZR commercial? I swear I didn’t imagine it . . .

Om Malik

will not surprise me if AC/DC go the way of Rolling Stone. selling the rock-n-roll spirit for a few thousand dollars :-)

Charlie Sierra

Awaiting word that they’ve secured the rights to the AC/DC song….

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