Virgin Mobile USA Offers Mobile Web Browsing


Virgin Mobile USA has dropped its walls and is offering its customers access to the web via a Google-powered search.
“Virgin Mobile’s (NYSE: VM) mobile Web, which was created and operated by InfoSpace (NSDQ: INSP), a leader in mobile entertainment and services, is currently available on the Flasher V7 by Audiovox and K10 Royale by Kyocera — with more 3G handsets poised for debut later this year…Virgin Mobile will frequently rotate new links into its portal to help make the experience of mobile web navigation more user-friendly to customers and use it as a way of expressing its editorial voice.” (Editorial voice?)
This is the way it should be…offering a customer a good portal with good content without restricting their access to the wider web. If the portal is good enough there don’t have to be walls…

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