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What Can Trump Mobile Content?

Warner Music Group has signed a deal to create and distribute mobile content based on Donald Trump — who is described as a “pop culture icon” in the press release. The content (which will naturally launch around the same time as the new series of The Apprentice)…”Rhino Entertainment, a division of WMG, is making available Donald Trump voice recordings for use as ringtones and ringback tones, as well as exclusive video of Trump for video ringtones and images of Trump for use as mobile wallpaper. In all, Rhino will create more than 75 unique mobile entertainment products”.
You can expect content like “What are you going to do, listen to me all day?” and “You’re getting a phone call and believe me it better be important, I have no time for small talk and neither do you”.
PS: Apologies for the bad pun in the title…