Tablet, notebook, or paper?


Eric Mack has an excellent post on his blog he wrote in response to a question from a friend.  It has me really thinking so I thought I’d pose it to the readers here.

If you are in a phone call and you need to make a quick note or capture an idea, what would you reach for– your Tablet PC, notebook or the age-old pen and paper?



I LOVE my digital pen :) I’m using the io2 from Logitech. I have beentoo busy with the campaign to train it but it recognizes about 80% of my handwriting without it. And it syncs easily with Word. I haven’t tried it with One Note only because when I got it, my U750 was in for repair & I don’t have One Note on my desktop. I haven’t had time to install the sync software on my U.


I take notes on my pocket pc phone while I am on the call. I can then sync it to my Tablet and keep it there.


Vidge, how do you like your digital pen? Does it work well and sync easily? What model is it?

So many questions. :)


What Larry said :) except that I keep my Logitech digital pen and notepad on my desk. That way, I don’t have to enter data more than once.

Larry O'Brien

The all-important variable is Time To Writing, and unless OneNote is open and on top, the notepad I keep beside my keyboard still has a superior TTW. I will say that on occasion, I’ve been working on a notebook and had my Tablet lying on the desk beside it open to OneNote. That’s a blisteringly cool way to take notes.


For a phone call I usually go for the pad/paper even when I’m at my desk with the Tablet booted up and ready. Old habits die hard, I guess. I am pretty diligent about putting the notes from paper into the Tablet, though.


Since I went paperless I have been using the OneNote icon in the system tray to knockoff the odd quick note. Just a tap on the icon and I can make a quick note.


I’ve been a tablet user for over 2 years now and I’d love to upgrade my M1200 to the new LE1600, but until recently I didnt feel I was making the full use of the tablet and its features. As well as the tablet I was carrying a paper diary, notebooks, text books, countless handwritten notes on post-its and scraps of paper.

Since starting back at school in September, I’ve been making every effort to use my tablet consistently. Using Outlook and TEO I’ve disposed of my paper diary and all my contacts are also stored there. Notes and other information ends up in OneNote. I have to say I wish I’d taken the plunge sooner, my backpack weighs half of what it did and I don’t walk with a stoop. Also all my notes are to hand and searchable.

I’m determined that in every situation I use the tablet to write a quick note, providing that its to hand and I guess thats the crux of the matter. It’s difficult to always have the tablet to hand but thats what I’m aiming for, hopefully I’ll be able to vastly reduce the amount of paper I need to use. I remain optimistic.

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