New voice command program for the Pocket PC- VITO Voice2Go


VITO Technology unveils its new voice management application for Pocket PC

Novosibirsk, Russia, September 12 VITO Technology is pleased to announce its new product, VITO Voice2Go, that allows performing absolutely any actions on Pocket PC with voice only. Unlike some analogs that already exist on the market, VITO Voice2Go is not limited to European languages or to some sets of standard commands. User of VITO Voice2Go receives a powerful and flexible tool to reduce to a minimum the number of screen taps with the stylus.

VITO Voice2Go is evolution of a popular voice dialing solution for pocket PC and smartphones, VITO VoiceDialer. This is why one of the main functions of VITO Voice2Go is voice dialing. It allows recording voice commands for any contacts stored on pocket PC and dial them just by pronouncing the command. This feature is available not only for the owners of pocket pc phones equipped with an integrated dialer; VITO Voice2Go can establish an infrared, Bluetooth, or cable connection with a cell phone. Therefore, VITO Voice2Go is compatible with virtually every model of pocket PCs.

A feature that makes VITO Voice2Go really a voice-management piece of software is controlling applications with voice. With VITO Voice2Go, it is possible to launch and quit any applications installed on pocket PC, show and hide keyboard, close any windows, and open dialogs of system settings – only with voice, without touching anything. It makes use of pocket PC faster and brings interaction between user and computer to a new level.

VITO Voice2Go was created to enable complete hands free use of pocket PC in any situations. To achieve this not the simplest goal, the so-called “magic words” are widely used. One magic word is used for starting Voice2Go, the other one for answering the phone, another for telling Voice2Go that it has correctly recognized the command. VITO Voice2Go is listening for the magic words the entire time, staying always ready to bring itself into action.

Advanced users will be happy to see the VITO Voice2Go’s feature of recording macros. This feature makes it possible to perform absolutely any actions on pocket pc with voice. In three simple steps users can record a voice command for any single stylus tap or for a sequence of taps.

What makes VITO Voice2Go so different from its analogs is its ability to understand any languages and pronunciations. VITO Voice2Go uses voice commands that users can record themselves, therefore the program’s recognition quality increases drastically. Moreover, it’s more convenient for the users because they can use only the commands that they need and the way that they like.

VITO Voice2Go supports all Phone Edition devices as well as general Pocket PCs. It is available as an executable or zipped file and as a .cab archive for over-the-air download. Trial version is available for free download; full version can be purchased for $15.95 at the company’s web site Volume discounts are available. For additional product information, visit the Vito web site.


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