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Email2phoneMobile professionals on the go constantly may want to look at a new service that sends your emails to your phone.  email2phone converts incoming emails to voice using a “high quality human voice” which you can then listen to on your cell phone.  You can reply using voice to their service and a text email is sent to the sender with a link to your recorded response.  I’m not sure how useful this would be for road warriors but their service reaches many countries so it is worth a mention.  There’s a 30 day free trial after which you pay using some sort of credits.



Convenient access to information is the key to the very survival of a business, and customers are anxious to help by serving themselves.
IVR applications are effective at handling routine, anticipated events, while human agents can be versatile and override rules if necessary. When a “live” agent is needed, the IVR can pass collected information with the call. After resolving the caller’s problem, the agent can pass the caller back to the automated application midstream, and train the caller to use the system better next time.

Terry Kawles

I want to thank Vinit for his kind words about MailCallâ„¢. With your kind permission, let me outline what makes MailCallâ„¢ an easy to use “email on the go” solution:
*No hardware or software required-use any telephone to access your email;
*You can listen to your email and respond by voice-right from your telephone;
In addition, what makes MailCallâ„¢ unique from other mobile email solutions is:
* MailCallâ„¢ uses your existing email address; no need to set up a 2nd email account;
* MailCallâ„¢ is secure: it does not store ANY data whatsoever; and
* MailCallâ„¢ can read attachments or a website over the telephone.

Free 30 day trial. jk: If any of your readers would like to try MailCallâ„¢, I can provide a Promo Code that lets them use it for FREE for 30 days! Here’s how:

1. Go to this link:
2. Sign up using the following Promo Code: 10056

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