Sony To Unveil Restructuring Thursday

(reg req) A good and long story on Sony’s attempts to restructure itself…CEO Howard Stringer wil announce the changes this Thursday, and digital content is expected to be a large part of it. Sony’s joint venture with other studios, the online movie service Movielink, hasn’t really fared well…neither has Sony Connect, the music service.

Another interesting point: Sony Pictures Entertainment head Yair Landau said he was still hoping that Movielink can fix its shortcomings, but Sony Pictures’ priorities have shifted. The studio’s energies are focused on PlayStation as an entertainment platform, both in the living room and as a mobile device.

But the story says that these efforts, however flawed, are still signs of an important change at Sony: the growing effect that the U.S.-based entertainment and marketing forces are having on the company. Under Stringer’s lead, Sony Corp. of America asserted itself as the glue that could bind the entertainment and electronics segments.