Sony Pictures Digital President: Downloadable Movies For $10-20

An interview with Sony Pictures Digital president Yair Landau…he mentions that “We’ve had limited success thus far. On a consumer-experience basis, it’s not as easy or compelling as getting a DVD mailed to you. Right now, my hat’s off to Netflix for recognizing the current limitations of Internet technology and really offering people the broadest means of accessing content.”

When asked about the right price for downloadable movies in the near future, he says that “if you could do everything with a downloaded digital copy you could do with a DVD, I’d say $20 is the right price…[and] you should be able to download a catalog movie produc–an older title–for $9.99 in standard DVD format.”

I’ll bring out my favorite phrase here: delusional. Anything above $5 price point will not work in the digital arena…