Snippet your way to efficiency with Textpander


A rockin’ app I ran across a few days back that has significantly increased my productivity and efficiency is Peter Maurer’s Textpander. It uses user-defined ‘snippets’ to automatically insert text and images.


By typing ‘ddate’ it automatically inserts the current date. By typing ‘tab’ I get “The Apple Blog is eternally awesome.” Textpander’s auto-insert function works in pretty much any text entry point in any app (Adium, Safari, Mail, Firefox, etc etc).

One of the possible uses it lists on its site is auto-correction of typos. So say, like me, no matter how high your IQ is you consistently type ‘definitely’ like ‘defintely’…well you’d set the abbreviation as your typo so that whenever you incorrectly type that word, it will auto-correction for you. Just like magic.


Another feature I’ve found it’d hand for is replying to emails in which you frequently type the same thing. So like I get a lot of fan e-mail from people saying how much they love me and what not and this way I can just type ‘booyah’ and it will automatically insert into Mail the same cute little “Thanks, I know I’m cool.” speech in no time. Obviously this can be adapted to support emails, ad inquiries, etc etc.

It’s also capable of inserting images. So say you’ve got a picture of your cat dressed up like a dog for halloween that you’d like to easily IM to all your friends in casual conversation. You could easily just set the abbreviation word to “kittydoggy” or something like that and shazam…you’re psycho kitty-doggy pic can be distributed to your friends in no time.

Did I mention it’s free?



Too bad this program won’t show you the difference between it’s and its as in
“…it lists on it’s site is auto-correction …”
As a writer you really owe it to your readers to get it right. It couldn’t be easier, it’s only means it is, it was or it has. For everything else it’s its.


brilliant programme. I always typing teh, which i can correct in MS Word ok, but buggered in all the other programmes. It works great, except for in Lotus Notes. I have set up an abbreviation for pls to change to please, but notes does this pleasepls ie it corrects the please, but then puts the corrected word please in, followed immediately by the abbreviation.

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