A World Of Digital Dim Sum

The world is our tapas bar, and mobile TV may just be our next patatas bravas.
This is an interesting article that makes the argument that mobile video/TV is not a new direction for the film format but rather a continuation of an ongoing trend in all media — things are becoming bite-sized.
“Indeed, decades of ever-shrinking sound bites haven’t ruined our ability to enjoy longer formats; Iconoculture consumer strategist Kirk Olson points out that Hollywood summer movies were actually longer this year. But “the way we consume narratives has changed,” he says. “Even [when] they aren’t short, they are in bite-size pieces.” With DVDs, DVRs and iPods, our worlds are handily chapterized; we don’t have to listen to full albums or watch full movies when we don’t want to. “We’re looking for media to fit our lives,” says Olson.”
They’re also coming in different forms…TV shows have content on the internet and mobile phones, and sometimes in comics and books as well. Increasingly we’ll get different content on the same topic through different channels…kids will watch TV while using the internet and their mobiles at the same time. If you’re a parent, don’t bother telling your kids they can’t do two things at the same time — they multi-task now, and it’s a valuable skill… (via Picturephoning)