The Tablet PC Show #24- Mike Jetter interview


The Tablet PC Show #24 (MP3 – 13.2MB – 38min)

Intro- Marc Orchant & James Kendrick

Tabletpc_album_cover_7Marc and I sat down with Mike Jetter, the founder and CTO of Mindjet, the company who, as Marc put it, produces the best mind mapping program on the planet- MindManager. Regular listeners are familiar with how much both Marc and I love MindManager and we were very excited to have Mike come on the show and give us some good information about the upcoming new version 6 of the mind mapping program. Mike gives us the scoop about all the new features such as integration with PowerPoint, Visio and Excel, and a host of other features you’ll have to listen to the show to hear about. We asked Mike how Mindjet came to support the Tablet PC so completely since version X5 and his insights on using MindManager on the Tablet PC are very interesting. You will especially want to give the show a listen if you are a current MindManager user, and if you don’t use it now you will want to give the free trial a test drive after you hear the interview. Thanks to Mike Jetter for spending time with us, Hobie Swan (Mindjet) for setting it up, and to you listeners for your continued support of the show.



Another spot on interview. Excellent to hear about the new features. I used Mindmap X5 extensively on my MBA programme, invaluable!! Keep up the excellent work guys.

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