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Clear Channel Forms New Content R&D Team

I’m still not convinced about Clear Channel‘s online strategy despite their recent aggresive anouncements, though clearly, Evan’s hiring is doing a lot of good for them: It has formed a new content R&D team to leverage its resources for new alternate delivery systems. Headed by exec VP of content development Tom Owens and exec VP of online music and radio Evan Harrison, the team also includes former regional VP of programming/modern rock KTCL (Channel 93.3) Denver PD Mike O’Connor and Eric Seibert, recently recruited from IBM.

Some interesting projects under way for the company, especially on the wireless front…Owens sees wireless providers posing a greater competitive threat to radio than either satellite radio or the Internet. “The mergence of wireless, Internet, and personal portable devices is going to make the next decade very interesting and places a huge premium on our response,” he says.